V999 -

The future of gold investment

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Why you should choose V999

Unlike other forms of investments into gold like buying certificates, ETFs or physical gold, the V999 token is available 24/7 and can be purchased via EUR, USD or GBP.

Our Products

V999 Token
The V999 token is a security token to be created on the Stellar Blockchain. The tokens enable everyone to invest in gold values completely digitally and with only a few mouse clicks.
V999 Wallet Solution
The V999 wallet allows everyone to store and manage personal funds in the form of tokens and coins. you can buy V999 tokens and see the transactions history.
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V999 Benefits

Buying our gold-backed tokens has significant benefits over buying physical gold.
This is why we consider V999 tokens the smartest way to buy gold nowadays.
Buy at market pegged price
The days of bargaining for a good price are over. V999 enables you to buy and sell gold at market pegged price.
No transport, storage or insurance issues
Once purchased this is 100% your gold — V999 keeps it safe. V999 takes care of transportation, storage and insurance matters.
Redeem your gold at any time
As the only owner of your gold, you can redeem your gold at any time.
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